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Our main studio is in Milan, Italy, with a satellite studio in Seattle. Both cities are known for stimulating design and innovation and essentially for a memorable cup of coffee, and we are fueled creatively by this rich elixir every day.  

NOTE: We would love to create something memorable and share a great cup of coffee. We ask that you contact Thomas at to make an appointment.

Parallel Lines


Via Vigevano 27

Suite 04

20144, Milano


+39 393 4978728


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We believe that we cannot create great ideas in a vacuum. For over 25 years, Thomas and the AnalogLab team have created a dynamic mix of international designers, architects, artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers & dreamers. We combine this creativity with business experts and are driven to deliver world class solutions. If you would like collaborate with our team please send us an email:

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Milan studio

via Vigevano 27
V04, 20144
Milan, Italy

Tel: +39 393 4978728
Fax: +1 206 299 9378

Seattle studio

Analog LLC
14709 Bethel LN SW
Vashon, WA 98070

+1 .206.499.8280

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